Julia Samuel and Sophie Pierce

Families and Grief

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Date and Time

23rd September 2023
12:00pm - 1:00pm


Temple Methodist Church


Single Ticket: £12.00
Student Ticket: £10.00

Talking To

Carol Ackroyd

Grief affects us all eventually and can change families and family dynamics. In 2017, Sophie Pierce’s life changed forever when her 20-year-old son Felix died suddenly and unexpectedly. Thrown into a new world of loss, she had to find a way to keep on living. The Green Hill: Letters to a Son is a series of letters to Felix, composed during walks and swims taken close to his grave on The Green Hill in Devon. Acclaimed psychotherapist Julia Samuel talks about how we cope with grief,how it affects us and those around us, and how we can navigate to a place of acceptance
and inner peace.
Talking to Carol Ackroyd

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