To help you have the best experience, please read the following information about accessibility.


Our Festival takes place in the middle of Budleigh Salterton at various venues. Our intention is that you have a great experience. To help achieve that we give the following information about accessibility.

All our venues are fully accessible for wheelchair users (as to door width, flat or ramp or lift access) and those with mobility issues (unless otherwise stated in the Festival Programme). Those attending the Church on the Green in a wheelchair will need assistance for access. We can cater for anyone with other specific access requirements.

Please get in touch by email if you require any further information about specific access needs or require a seat close to the stage due to hearing or sight challenges or other advice on planning your visit to the Festival.

Car Parking/Drop Off

It is not possible for us to provide car parking at each venue. However, it is possible stop your car briefly at every venue to drop off disabled visitors before parking elsewhere.

Level Access

There is level or ramp access into all our venues, including the Festival Marquee.

At Temple Methodist Church, there is, additionally, a lift for wheelchair users from ground level outside to floor level inside. Please ask one of our volunteer stewards if you need that facility.

Wheelchair Space Reservation and Access

If you are coming in a wheelchair, please email us to let us know which events you are attending so that we can reserve a wheelchair space for you in the venues (and a seat close by if you are accompanied).

Access doors at all our venues are wide enough for wheelchairs.


All our venues (except the Masonic Hall) have excellent professionally run sound systems to ensure everyone present can hear announcements, the speakers and the interviewers, who all use microphones. A sound system is not usually needed in the Masonic Hall.

There is a hearing loop in St Peter’s Church, the Public Hall and Temple Methodist Church but not in the other venues. The hearing loops in St Peters and Temple Methodist Church are not under the control of the Festival.


In the larger venues, we have television screens for live relay of the activities on stage to other parts of the venue. Wherever you sit in those venues, these screens can help those who have visual impairment.

Personal Assistants

Our policy for those who can attend only with the help of a personal assistant is that the personal assistant is admitted free of charge (but both attendees must have a ticket called “Person with a disability and personal assistant” which is priced at the rate for one person).


All the volunteers helping at the Festival are fully aware of the Festival’s safeguarding policy.

Medical Assistance

The Festival has a qualified paramedic available very quickly at all venues in the event of a medical problem or emergency.


All venues have toilet facilities (except the Festival Marquee – but there are public toilets available close by).

Waterstone’s Book Shop in the Festival Marquee

This is easily accessible to those with mobility issues and those in wheelchairs. Waterstone’s accept both card and cash payments.


We welcome trained Assistance Dogs. We provide bowls of water for all dogs at the entrance to the Festival Marquee. Please advise us by email if you are coming with an Assistance Dog so that we can reserve a seat for you that will be appropriate for your dog. Dogs that are not trained Assistance Dogs are not permitted in venues or in the Festival Marquee.

Emergency evacuation procedures

These procedures are announced at the start of every event in Festival venues. In the Festival Marquee, should an emergency evacuation be needed, please follow the instructions of the stewards and/or the Fire Brigade.