Lalage Snow

War Gardens – Calm in The Midst of Conflict

Date: Friday 21st September 2018
Venue: Public Hall | 12.15pm
Tickets: £12

In this millennium, we have become war weary. From Afghanistan to Iraq, from Ukraine to South Sudan and Syria, from Kashmir to the West Bank, conflict has been rife. Living through it are people just like us who strive to maintain a modicum of normality and colour. For some, gardening is the way to achieve this.

Working in the world’s most dangerous war zones, the award-winning, Dorset-based, war correspondent and photographer, Lally Snow has often chanced across a very moving sight, a testimony to the triumph of the human spirit in adversity, a celebration of hope and beauty: a war garden. She’ll share stories from her book War Gardens, a surprising, tragic and beautiful journey through the darkest places of the modern world, revealing the ways people make time and space for themselves and for nature even in the middle of destruction.

In conversation with Tim Hubbard

Lalage Snow, War Gardens, Budleigh Salterton Literary Festival
Lalage Snow, Budleigh Salterton Literary Festival

Lalage Snow