Julian Baggini

How The World Thinks

Date: Friday 21st September 2018
Venue: Temple Church | 2pm
Tickets: £12 *SOLD OUT*

All cultures are different, and have different ways of thinking. The celebrated philosopher travels the globe to provide a hugely wide-ranging map of human thought.

He’ll explain how distinct branches of philosophy flowered simultaneously in China, India and Ancient Greece; how contemporary cultural attitudes have developed and asks why global systems of governments and justice differ so widely on one small planet.

Julian Baggini’s books include A Short History of Truth and the bestselling The Pig That Wants To Be Eaten. He writes for various publications and think tanks, and has delivered TEDx talks with over a million views. His website is microphilosophy.net

Julian Baggini, How The World Thinks
Julian Baggini, Budleigfh Salterton Literary Festival

Julian Baggini