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Clare Clark - Rob Evans

Trespass and The Scandal of Undercover Policing

Venue: Public Hall

17 September 2022 10:00 am

In 2010/2011 it was disclosed by journalists, including Rob Evans and Paul Lewis of The Guardian, that a number of undercover police officers had, as part of their ‘false persona’, entered into intimate relationships with members of targeted groups. In some cases, they proposed marriage and even fathered children with protesters who were unaware their partner was a police officer in a role as part of their official duties. The inquiry is still underway, as more cases are uncovered, and the scandal forms the basis of Clare Clark’s psychological thriller which centres around the impact of this tissue of lies. Clare is an award-winning author of six critically acclaimed novels including The Great Stink, The Nature of Monsters and Savage Lands. Talking to Julia Wheeler

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