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The Secret World of Weather

Venue: Temple Church

17 Sep 2021 02:00 pm

It’s a national obsession, but weather can even change as we walk around a tree or turn down a street. There is a secret world of weather - one that we all live in, but very few see - but the clues are easy to spot when you know what you are looking for. Join the acclaimed natural navigator as he reveals the simple rules that explain the weather signs and learn rare skills that enhance every minute you spend outdoors, whether you are in town, on the beach or in a wilder spot. As the author of the international bestsellers The Walker’s Guide and How to Read Water, Tristan Gooley knows how to de-code the phenomena and signs to look for. ‘Gooley marshals a riveting compendium of weatherreading skills . . . he has plenty of facts at his fingertips with which to excite.’ The Times

Talking to Julia Wheeler

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Category: Adults

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student: £13.00


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