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SBS - Silent Warriors

Venue: St Peter’s Church

16 September 2021 12:00 pm

Britain’s SBS – or Special Boat Service – was the world’s first maritime special operations unit. Founded in the dark days of 1940, it started as a small and inexperienced outfit that leaned heavily on volunteers’ raw courage and boyish enthusiasm. The awardwinning historian, Saul David, talks about the first authorised history of what would become one of the most effective fighting forces of the Second World War – and has served as a model for Special Forces ever since. David is a historian, broadcaster and the author of several critically acclaimed works of fiction and non-fiction. His history books have been shortlisted for the Westminster Medal for Military Literature and variously named a Waterstones Military History Book of the Year and an Amazon History Book of the Year. ‘David... is peerless now among our military historians.’ Daily Telegraph

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Category: Adults

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student: £10.00


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