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Sam Fowles

Overruled - Is Democracy Vanishing?

Venue: Public Hall

17 September 2022 3:30 pm

Over the last couple of years, British democracy has been on trial. Can we no longer hold our leaders to account? Does the state have too much power, and the truth doesn’t matter at all? When Boris Johnson illegally prorogued Parliament, barrister Sam Fowles was part of the team that took him to court, and won. In the high-profile parliamentary inquiry around police action at the vigil for Sarah Everard, Fowles proved the Met’s actions fundamentally breached our right to protest. For decades, the Post Office pursued criminal prosecutions against its own employees, and Fowles helped reveal the scandal. Here he’ll raise an important case for why we must hold our freedoms dear and fight hard to protect them. Talking to Clare Clark

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