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Simon Reeve SOLD OUT

Journeys to Impossible Places

Venue: St Peter’s Church

15 September 2022 5:30 pm

The bestselling author and presenter reveals the inspiring inside story of his most astonishing adventures and experiences, around the planet and close to home. He continues the story he started in his Sunday Times bestseller Step by Step, which traced the first decades of his life from depressed and unemployed teenager through to his early TV programmes, and takes us on the epic and thrilling adventures that followed in beautiful, tricky and downright dangerous corners of the world. He’ll share what his unique experiences and encounters have taught him, and the deeper lessons he draws from joy and raw grief in his personal life, from wise friends to a thoughtful Indian sadhu. Talking to Julia Wheeler

This event is also available to watch online from 9am 26th September until 10pm 9th October 2022. Find out how to purchase online tickets here.

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Live event price: £14.00
student/concessions: £12.00
Online event price: £12.00


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