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Lucy Easthope

An Expert in Disaster

Venue: St Peter’s Church

18 September 2022 2:00 pm

Professor Lucy Easthope is the UK’s leading authority on recovering from disaster. She has been an advisor on nearly every major disaster of the past two decades, including the 2004 Boxing Day tsunami, 9/11, the 7/7 bombings, the Salisbury Poisonings, Grenfell and most recently has been advising the Prime Minister’s Office on the Covid-19 pandemic. When a plane crashes, a bomb explodes, a city floods or a pandemic begins, she’s the one they call. Here she will reveal what happens in the aftermath, outlined movingly in her memoir When the Dust Settles, and shows that where there is terrible tragedy, there is also great hope and humanity. Talking to Julia Wheeler

This event is also available to watch online from 9am 26th September until 10pm 9th October 2022. Find out how to purchase online tickets here.

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