Polly Toynbee

An Uneasy Inheritance: My Family and Other Radicals

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Date and Time

22nd September 2023
5:15pm - 6:15pm


St Peter's Church


Single Ticket: £15
Student Ticket: £10

Talking To

Carol Ackroyd

The political commentator and Guardian journalist comes from a long line of left-wing rabble-rousers who have railed against injustice. But coming from a prosperous life of academia or journalism, her family and her forebears were never working class. She shares the story of a fascinating family history set against a backdrop that contains everyone from the Glenconners to Jessica Mitford and Bertrand Russell, and the ancestral home Castle Howard, and talks about the myth of mobility, the guilt of privilege, and the rigidity of class in Britain. Talking to Carol Ackroyd

This event will be available to watch online after the Festival – click here to watch online

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