Lisa Jewell

None of This is True

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Date and Time

20th September 2023
10:00am - 11:00am


Temple Methodist Church


Single Ticket: £12 inc a cup of tea or coffee
Student Ticket: £10 inc a cup of tea or coffee

Talking To

Sue Briggs

One of the biggest names in British fiction, Lisa Jewell has sold over 10 million of her books worldwide, outselling John Grisham and Stephen King. She has written 21 bestselling novels with her most recent, The Family Remains, a No.1 Sunday Times bestseller. None of This is True is her latest thriller all about obsession and intrusion into people’s lives as two very different women – a glamorous podcaster and her neighbour – start a friendship which soon turns into manipulation and unbelievable stories. Who is telling the truth? (Photo © ANDREW WHITTON)
Talking to Sue Briggs

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