Charlotte Lydia Riley and Arianne Shahvisi

Culture Wars: How Do We Agree To Differ?

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Date and Time

23rd September 2023
2:00pm - 3:00pm


Public Hall


Single Ticket: £12.00
Student Ticket: £10.00

Talking To

Clare Clark

Culture wars are being fought through the press and over social media and we are increasingly shutting down speech, either because what is said is unpalatable to some, or people are too frightened to say it in the first place for fear of being cancelled and ruining their careers. So how do we learn to tolerate others and listen to their views, and are the culture wars being fuelled? Historian of 20th century Britain, Charlotte Lydia Riley is the author of The Free Speech Wars: How Did We Get Here and Why Does it Matter? and lecturer in ethics Arianne Shahvisi is the author of Arguing for a Better World: How To Talk About The Issues That Divide Us. Charlotte’s latest book Imperial Island looks at Britain’s contradictory relationship with its past and the conversations that go on around it and because of it.

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