Charlie Higson and Kim Sherwood

The Name’s Bond

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Date and Time

23rd September 2023
5:30pm - 6:30pm


Church on the Green


Single Ticket: £12
Student Ticket: £10

Talking To

Clare Clark

Ian Fleming’s 007 is known throughout the world and his suave creation and edge-of-the-seat escapades have spawned massively successful movies and a global franchise. But the spy lives on and we talk to two writers who have picked up where Fleming left off. But how do you step into another writers’ smart Oxford brogues and how very dare they take on this particular legend? Charlie Higson is an actor (The Fast Show), comedian and author who has written for TV and film and created the first five novels of the Young Bond series. His latest book is called or On
His Majesty’s Secret Service. Kim Sherwood is the award-winning author of Testament and has written the new Bond novel Double or Nothing.
Talking to Clare Clark

Please note: new venue (not as published in our printed programme)

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