Ann Wroe

Lifescapes: A Biographer’s Search for the Soul

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Date and Time

22nd September 2023
4:00pm - 5:00pm


Temple Methodist Church


Single Ticket: £12
Student Ticket: £10

Talking To

Tim Hubbard

The acclaimed biographer and obituarist Ann Wroe reflects on a career spent pursuing life: a process, as she sees it, not of chronological narration but of trying to seize souls. In a blend of memoir, biography, observation and poetry, she reflects on the art and impossibility of capturing this phenomenon on the page. Through her experiences and those of others, through people she has known, studied or merely glimpsed through windows, she movingly explores what makes a life and how that life lingers after. From biography Wroe moves to intimations of a far greater life: one encountered in childhood, in artistic creation, dreams, birth and death. Talking to Tim Hubbard

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