Ciara Eastell OBE and Mary Colwell

Libraries – who needs ‘em?

Date: Thursday 20th September 2018
Venue: Public Hall | 12pm
Tickets: £10

Many libraries across the country are closing, following years of budget cuts and austerity. On top of this, they face the challenge of adapting to meet society’s changing demands and requirements in a digital world. But research suggests many people still value their libraries and will fight to keep them.

We’re joined by the Chief Executive of Libraries Unlimited, the ground-breaking charity now running over 50 libraries in Devon, and writer Mary Colwell. They’ll debate the importance of the library and how, in a world of online communities and kindle downloads, libraries can and are reinventing themselves to become, once again, stalwarts of the community and places of inspiration and creativity.

In conversation with Carol Ackroyd

Ciara Eastell, Budleigh Salterton Literary Festival

Ciara Eastell, OBE

Mary Colwell