Anna Beer

Patriot or Traitor – The Life and Death of Sir Walter Ralegh

Date: Wednesday 19th September 2018
Venue: Temple Church | 12pm *SOLD OUT*
Tickets: £12

Born in East Budleigh and executed at Old Palace Yard, Westminster, 400 years ago this year, Sir Walter Ralegh’s life was romantic, irresistible and of central importance to our island story. His death is a convoluted and contested tale of bargaining, failure and betrayal.

From Ralegh’s famous adventures to the final act, Oxford University Fellow Anna Beer presents his stranger-than-fiction life in all its richness. How did a man once the Queen’s favourite find himself consigned to the Tower by her successor? Should his legacy be fame or infamy? And why is Ralegh the correct spelling?

Called both a ‘groupie’ (on Woman’s Hour) and his fiercest critic (The Guardian), she proudly claims to be both.

In partnership with Fairlynch Museum and Arts Centre

Media Reviews

`This beautifully written and impeccably researched biography offers a fresh perspective on one of the most colourful and controversial characters of the Tudor and Stuart age. The hero of Elizabeth I and the scourge of her successor, Ralegh is brought to life as never before.’ — Tracy Borman, author of The Private Lives of the Tudors

`Heroic, grasping, gifted, a poet and politician, an explorer, dreamer and schemer – an iconic renaissance man brought vividly to life in this work of maturity, judgement and humanity.’ — Sarah Fraser, author of The Prince Who Would Be King

`A fascinating reappraisal. Beer brings Ralegh to life as a man, as well as providing exceptional detail on the times in which he lived. I highly recommend it.’ — Elizabeth Norton, author of The Lives of Tudor Women

`Writing with pace and personality, Anna Beer captures Sir Walter Ralegh in all his paradoxical complexity: his bravery and intellectual energy, the man of violence who also wrote passionate poetry, his lust for life competing with a desire for a good death. Sometimes drawn to Ralegh and at other times repelled by him, Anna Beer assays his career with honesty and sharp observation.’ — John Cooper, author of The Queen’s Agent

`Much of what we think we know about Sir Walter Ralegh – potatoes, tobacco, spreading his cloak over a “plashy place” – is fable. The real story is far more exciting. Here was a man who both achieved and failed extravagantly, who was both hated and loved excessively, and who both lived life and faced death courageously. In this fascinating, eloquent and scholarly new book, Anna Beer reveals the full measure of the man.’ — Suzannah Lipscomb, author of The King is Dead: The Last Will and Testament of Henry VIII

Anna Beer, The Life and Death of Sir Walter Ralegh, Budleigh Salterton Literary Festival
Anna Beer

Anna Beer