Susie Orbach


Date: Friday 20th September 2019
Venue: Temple Church
Time: 2pm
Tickets: SOLD OUT £12 (Students: £10)

In the past decades, the pressure to perfect and design our bodies has been unprecedented. Men are encouraged to surgically pump up their pecs, breast enhancement is a sweet sixteen birthday present in the suburbs of America, and eating problems – from bulimia to obesity – are growing daily, affecting children as young as six.

In China, women are having their legs broken and extended by 5cm. In Iran, behind the hijab there are 35,000 cosmetic nose reconstructions a year. The body is no longer a given and to possess a flawless one has become the ambition of millions.

In her years of practice as a psychoanalyst, Susie Orbach, BBC Radio 4’s In Therapy presenter and author of Fat is a Feminist Issue, amongst many other titles, explains why the way we view our bodies is the mirror of how we view ourselves: our body becomes the measure of our worth.

With unprecedented insight, she raises the fundamental questions about how we arrived here and proposes a new theory on how we became embodied.

Talking to Julia Wheeler

Susie Orbach, Budleigh Salterton Literary Festival
Susie Orbach, Bodies, Budleigh Salterton Literary Festival