Peter Stanford


Date: Wednesday 18th September 2019
Venue: Public Hall
Time: 12pm
Tickets: £10 (Students £8)

In a recent poll, one in ten Britons claimed to have experienced the presence of an angel, while one in three remain convinced that they have a guardian angel. On some counts, angels are doing better than God.

In the secular, sceptical, post-Christian world of the West, continuing faith in angels is both anomaly and comfort. But what exactly are angels, and why have so many in different times and contexts around the globe believed in them? What is their history and role in the great faiths and beyond their walls? Are angels something real, or part of the poetry of religion?

Writer, journalist, and BBC and Channel 4 broadcaster Peter Stanford explores this winged phenomenon, and asks why, in an age of disbelief, they remain more compelling and comforting for many than a god.

Peter Stanford, Budleigh Salterton Literary Festival
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