Melanie Reid MBE

The World I Fell Out Of

Date: Wednesday 18th September 2019
Venue: Temple Church
Time: 10am
Tickets: * SOLD OUT * £10 (Students £8)

On Good Friday 2010, the journalist Melanie Reid fell from her horse, breaking her neck and fracturing her lower back. She was 52. Paralysed from the top of her chest down, she spent almost a full year in hospital, learning to navigate her way through a world that had previously been invisible to her.

Her deeply moving book (written because she could ‘safely bear witness and carry on writing in my head’) tells the untold ‘back story’ behind her award-winning ‘Spinal Column’ in The Times Magazine and a testament to ‘the art of getting on with it’.

She’ll talk about the joy – and the risks – of riding horses, the complicated nature of heroism, the bonds of family and the comfort of strangers.

‘Full of love and light – and an exploration into not only how, but why we survive, despite everything.’
Christie Watson, author of ‘The Language of Kindness’.

Talking to Tim Hubbard

Melanie Reid, Budleigh Salterton Literary Festival