Marianne Kavanagh and Lisa Jewell

Nothing Was What It Seemed – The Thrill of the Thriller

Date: Thursday 19th September 2019
Venue: Temple Church
Time: 2pm
Tickets: £12 (Students: £10)

Darkness, tension, unpredictability. We are a nation obsessed with the thriller – whether it’s a book, a TV series or a film. Why do we so love to have our blood pressure raised and our powers of deduction challenged?

Two experts in the field of this psychological invasion of our brains talk about the subject, and how they create their stories.

Marianne Kavanagh is a journalist who has worked on major women’s publications, and author of Should You Ask Me and most recently, Disturbance, a suspense thriller around truth and lies.

Lisa Jewell is the New York Times and Sunday Times best-selling author of 17 novels including most recently The Girls and When She Was Gone. Her latest, The Family Upstairs, is a grim tale around a family’s secrets.

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Marianne Kavenagh, Lisa Jewell, Budleigh Salterton Literary Festival
The Family Upstairs and Disturbance, Budleigh Salterton Literary Festival