Dominic Sandbrook

Who Dares Wins – Why the 1980s Explains Why We’re Here Now

Date: Saturday 21st September 2019
Venue: Temple Church
Time: 2pm
Tickets: SOLD OUT £12 (Students: £10)

Dominic Sandbrook, Daily Mail and Sunday Times journalist, and presenter of a number of highly successful BBC TV series, nears the end of his multi-volume history of postwar Britain. His focus now is on the early 1980s – the most dramatic, colourful and controversial in our modern history.

Margaret Thatcher had come to power with a daring plan to reverse Britain’s decline into shabbiness and chaos. But as factories closed their doors, dole queues lengthened and the inner cities exploded in flames, would her harsh medicine rescue the Sick Man of Europe – or kill it off?

Dominic Sandbrook will consider the period in all its gaudy glory: Tony Benn, Ken Livingstone, Ian Botham and Princess Diana. Here are Joy Division, Chariots of Fire, the Austin Metro and Juliet Bravo; wine bars, cruise missiles, the battle of Goose Green and the ZX Spectrum. And towering above them all, the most controversial Prime Minister in our modern history – the Iron Lady.

Whether you lived through the 1980s or were glad to have escaped them, Who Dares Wins is an essential guide for understanding how we got here.

Dominic Sandbrook,Budleigh Salterton Literary Festival
Who Dares Wins,Dominic Sandbrook,Budleigh Salterton Literary Festival